Publikationen von Patricia de Monasterio-Schrader

Zeitschriftenartikel (6)

Mita, S.; Monasterio-Schrader, P. d.; Fünfschilling, U.; Kawasaki, T.; Mizuno, H.; Iwasato, T.; Nave, K.-A.; Werner, H. B.; Hirata, T.: Transcallosal projections require glycoprotein M6-dependent neurite growth and guidance. Cerebral Cortex 25 (11), S. 4111 - 4125 (2015)
Monasterio-Schrader, P. d.; Patzig, J.; Möbius, W.; Barrette, B.; Wagner, T. L.; Kusch, K.; Edgar, J. M.; Brophy, P. J.; Werner, H. B.: Uncoupling of neuroinflammation from axonal degeneration in mice lacking the myelin protein tetraspanin-2. Glia 61 (11), S. 1832 - 1847 (2013)
El-Kordi, A.; Kästner, A.; Grube, S.; Klugmann, M.; Begemann, M.; Sperling, S.; Hammerschmidt, K.; Hammer, C.; Stepniak, B.; Patzig, J. et al.; Monasterio-Schrader, P. d.; Strenzke, N.; Flügge, G.; Werner, H. B.; Pawlak, R.; Nave, K.-A.; Ehrenreich, H.: A single gene defect causing claustrophobia. Translational Psychiatry 3, e254 (2013)
Werner, H. B.; Krämer-Albers, E.-M.; Strenzke, N.; Saher, G.; Tenzer, S.; Ohno-Iwashita, Y.; Monasterio-Schrader, P. d.; Möbius, W.; Moser, T.; Griffiths, I. R. et al.; Nave, K.-A.: A critical role for the cholesterol-associated proteolipids PLP and M6B in myelination of the central nervous system. Glia 61 (4), S. 567 - 586 (2013)
Monasterio-Schrader, P. d.; Jahn, O.; Tenzer, S.; Wichert, S. P.; Patzig, J.; Werner, H. B.: Systematic approaches to central nervous system myelin. Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences 69 (17), S. 2879 - 2894 (2012)
Patzig, J.; Jahn, O.; Tenzer, S.; Wichert, S. P.; De Monasterio-Schrader, P.; Rosfa, S.; Kuharev, J.; Yan, K.; Bormuth, I.; Bremer, J. et al.; Aguzzi, A.; Orfaniotou, F.; Hesse, D.; Schwab, M. H.; Möbius, W.; Nave, K.-A.; Werner, H. B.: Quantitative and integrative proteome analysis of peripheral nerve myelin identifies novel myelin proteins and candidate neuropathy loci. The Journal of Neuroscience 31 (45), S. 16369 - 16386 (2011)
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