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Bortolanza, M.; Padovan-Neto, F. E.; Cavalcanti-Kiwiatkoski, R.; dos Santos-Pereira, M.; Mitkovski, M.; Raisman-Vozari, R.; Del-Bel, E.: Are cyclooxygenase-2 and nitric oxide involved in the dyskinesia of Parkinson's disease induced by L-DOPA? Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B 370 (1672), 20140190 (2015)
Mukherjee, C.; Holubowska, A.; Schwedhelm-Domeyer, N.; Mitkovski, M.; Lee, S.-J.; Kannan, M.; Matz, A.; Vadhvani, M.; Stegmüller, J.: Loss of the neuron-specific F-box protein FBXO41 models an ataxia-like phenotype in mice with neuronal migration defects and degeneration in the cerebellum. Journal of Neuroscience 35 (23), S. 8701 - 8717 (2015)
Bortolanza, M.; Cavalcanti-Kwiatkoski, R.; Padovan-Neto, F. E.; Aparecida da-Silva, C.; Mitkovski, M.; Raisman-Vozari, R.; Del-Bel, E.: Glial activation is associated with L-DOPA induced dyskinesia and blocked by a nitric oxide synthase inhibitor in a rat model of Parkinson's disease. Neurobiology of Disease 73, S. 377 - 387 (2015)
Nawaz, S.; Sánchez, P.; Schmitt, S.; Snaidero, N.; Mitkovski, M.; Velte, C.; Brückner, B. R.; Alexopoulos, I. K.; Czopka, T.; Jung, S. et al.; Rhee, J.; Janshoff, A.; Witke, W.; Schaap, I. A. T.; Lyons, D. A.; Simons, M.: Actin filament turnover drives leading edge growth during myelin sheath formation in the central nervous system. Developmental Cell 34 (2), S. 139 - 151 (2015)
Christensen, D. Z.; Huettenrauch, M.; Mitkovski, M.; Pradier, L.; Wirths, O.: Axonal degeneration in an Alzheimer mouse model is PS1 gene dose dependent and linked to intraneuronal Aβ accumulation. Frontiers in Aging Neuroscience 6, 139 (2014)
Markus, M. A.; Dullin, C.; Mitkovski, M.; Prieschl-Grassauer, E.; Epstein, M. M.; Alves, F.: Non-invasive optical imaging of eosinophilia during the course of an experimental allergic airways disease model and in response to therapy. PLoS ONE 9 (2), e90017 (2014)
Jiménez-Garduno, A. M.; Mitkovski, M.; Alexopoulos, I. K.; Sánchez, A.; Stühmer, W.; Pardo, L. A.; Ortega, A.: Kν10.1 K⁺ - channel plasma membrane discrete domain partitioning and its functional correlation in neurons. Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1838 (3), S. 921 - 931 (2014)
Lazzarini, M.; Martin, S.; Mitkovski, M.; Raisman Vozari, R.; Stühmer, W.; Del Bel, E.: Doxycycline restrains glia and confers neuroprotection in a 6-OHDA Parkinson model. GLIA 61 (7), S. 1084 - 1100 (2013)
Ninkovic, M.; Mitkovski, M.; Kohl, T.; Stühmer, W.; Pardo, L. A.: Physical and functional interaction of Kν10.1 with Rabaptin-5 impacts ion channel trafficking. FEBS Letters 586, S. 3077 - 3084 (2012)
Ferreira, N. R.; Mitkovski, M.; Stühmer, W.; Pardo, L. A.; Del Bel, E. A.: Ether-à-go-go 1 (Eag1) potassium channel expression in dopaminergic neurons of basal ganglia is modulated by 6-hydroxydopamine lesion. Neurotoxicity Research 21 (3), S. 317 - 333 (2012)
Tietze, L. F.; Behrendt, F.; Pestel, G. F.; Schuberth, I.; Mitkovski, M.: Synthesis, biological evaluation, and live cell imaging of novel fluorescent duocarmycin analogs. Chemistry & Biodiversity 9 (11), S. 2559 - 2570 (2012)
Kawabe, H.; Neeb, A.; Dimova, K.; Young, S. M.; Takeda, M.; Katsurabayashi, S.; Mitkovski, M.; Malakhova, O. A.; Zhang, D.-E.; Umikawa, M. et al.; Kariya, K.-i.; Goebbels, S.; Nave, K.-A.; Rosenmund, C.; Jahn, O.; Rhee, J. S.; Brose, N.: Regulation of Rap2A by the ubiquitin ligase Nedd4-1 controls neurite development. Neuron 65 (3), S. 358 - 372 (2010)
Bressan, E.; Mitkovski, M.; Tonussi, C. R.: LPS-induced knee-joint reactive arthritis and spinal cord glial activation were reduced after intrathecal thalidomide injection in rats. Life Sciences 87, S. 481 - 489 (2010)
Neher, R. A.; Mitkovski, M.; Kirchhoff, F.; Neher, E.; Theis, F. J.; Zeug, A.: Blind source separation techniques for the decomposition of multiply labeled fluorescence images. Biophysical Journal 96 (9), S. 3791 - 3800 (2009)
Schardt, A.; Brinkmann, B. G.; Mitkovski, M.; Sereda, M. W.; Werner, H. B.; Nave, K.-A.: The SNARE protein SNAP-29 interacts with the GTPase Rab3A: Implications for membrane trafficking in myelinating glia. Journal of Neuroscience Research 87, S. 3465 - 3479 (2009)
Britanova, O.; de Juan Romero, C.; Cheung, A.; Kwan, K. Y.; Schwark, M.; Gyorgy, A.; Vogel, T.; Akopov, S.; Mitkovski, M.; Agoston, D. et al.; Sestan, N.; Molnár, Z.; Tarabykin, V.: Satb2 is a postmitotic determinant for upper-layer neuron specification in the neocortex. Neuron 57, S. 378 - 392 (2008)
Salum, C.; Raisman-Vozari, R.; Michel, P. P.; Zanardo Gomes, M.; Mitkovski, M.; Ferrario, J. E.; Ginestet, L.; Del Bel, E. A.: Modulation of dopamine uptake by nitric oxide in cultured mesencephalic neurons. Brain Research 1198, S. 27 - 33 (2008)

Konferenzbeitrag (1)

Cleff, C.; Ramos Gomes, F.; Bergmann, T.; Bonacina, L.; Weikert, U.; Mitkovski, M.; Schuette, M.; Alves, F.; Mei, M.: 1300 nm fiber laser system for THG and 2PEF bio-imaging. In: 2016 Conference on lasers and electro-optics (CLEO), S. 1 - 2. (2016)

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Suk, T. R.; Nguyen, T. T.; Fisk, Z. A.; Mitkovski, M.; Geertsma, H. M.; Parmasad, J.-L. A.; Heer, M. M.; Callaghan, S. M.; Brose, N.; Tirard, M. et al.; Rousseaux, M. W.C.: Characterizing the differential distribution and targets of Sumo paralogs in the mouse brain. (2022)
Altas, B.; Ju, A.; Cruces Solís, H.; Karaca, S.; Winchenbach, J.; Kaplan, Ö.; Schwark, M.; Wieser, G. L.; Chaugule, V. K.; Majoul, I. et al.; Hassan, M. A.; Goel, R.; Wojcik, S. M.; Pichler, A.; Mitkovski, M.; de Hoz, L.; Urlaub, H.; Jahn, O.; Saher, G.; Rhee, J. S.; Kawabe, H.: Physiological and pathophysiological homeostasis of astroglial channel proteins by Nedd4-2. (2019)
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