Systems Immunology

Systems Immunology

In future, Stefan H.E. Kaufmann's Emeritus Group will mainly focus on bioinformatics analyses in systems immunology. In particular, bioinformatics will be used to predict the safety and protective effects of vaccines and the risk of disease in infected persons. This topic covers the terms:

  • Systems biology of tuberculosis
  • Systems vaccinology
  • Rational design of a vaccine against tuberculosis
  • Biomarkers of susceptibility/resistance in tuberculosis

Press releases and research news

<span>Stefan Kaufmann becomes Emeritus Director at the institute</span>

Together with his team, Stefan H. E. Kaufmann has advanced the development of a new vaccine against tuberculosis, which could also serve as an interim solution for Covid-19. The infection biologist will continue his research with an emeritus group in Göttingen. more

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