Neurobiology of Aging and Disease

The mammalian nervous system is composed of a complex network of interdependent neuronal and supporting glial cells of various specializations. Similar to the cells in all other organs of our body, neurons, and glia cells undergo a series of changes during the process of aging, which may contribute to the neurobehavioral and cognitive impairment observed in the elderly. Hence, the main aim of the research group ’Neurobiology of Aging and Disease’ is to understand age-related pathological processes in the myelin forming glia cells of the PNS (Schwann cells) and CNS (oligodendrocytes) that disturb normal axon/glia communication and may constitute a risk factor for the pathogenesis of peripheral neuropathies and psychiatric diseases.

For our research we highly rely on genetically modified mouse mutants, which allow for a precise spatial and temporal control of target gene expression.


Transgenic tools:

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