Frequently asked questions about the canteen in times of the Corona pandemic

Why do special regulations apply to the canteen?

The canteen on the Max Planck Campus is an autonomous business and is not operated by the institutes. Therefore, the same rules and regulations apply as for normal gastronomy in Lower Saxony.

Why is there only a limited offer in the canteen?

Economic decisions lead to a reduced menu selection. The more dishes have to be prepared, the higher the costs. Since the canteen is currently underutilised, a larger selection would be too expensive.
Furthermore, plate dishes, in contrast to self-service, reduce contact and the risk of possible smear infections.

Why is the espresso bar not open?

In order to operate the espresso bar as well, the entire canteen team is needed. Unfortunately the low workload does not allow to employ all persons. It is planned to extend the opening hours of the canteen if the workload is higher. A concept is currently being developed.

Why aren't the cups at the water coolers?

For hygienic reasons - to prevent smear infections on the boxes - the cups are only handed out at the cash desks. If you bring bottles with you, please make sure that the neck of the bottle does not touch the water outlet.

How to dispose of the eco-boxes?

The new packaging can be disposed of in a recycling bin (blue or white bin liner or Veolia container). They are sorted out and recycled separately. Please do not throw them in the regular organic waste!

Why does the distance between people have to be kept, especially in the canteen?

The same rules and regulations apply as for normal gastronomy in Lower Saxony. The restaurant or canteen operator is responsible for complying with these rules. Please support the staff in the canteen in this task.

Can I also pay with my university card?

It is also possible to pay with the university card. In case of infection we get information about the university.

Are guests allowed to visit the canteen?

Yes, payment in cash is possible again, if a contact form is filled in for tracing.

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