Journal Article (22)

Journal Article
Wirtz, K. W. A.; Wouters, F. S.; Bastiaens, P. I. H.; Wanders, R. J. A.; Seedorf, U.; Jovin, T. M.: The non-specific lipid transfer protein (sterol carrier protein 2) acts as a peroxisomal fatty acyl CoA binding protein. Biochemical Society Transactions 26, pp. 374 - 378 (1998)
Journal Article
Wouters, F. S.; Bastiaens, P. I. H.; Wirtz, K. W. A.; Jovin, T. M.: FRET microscopy demonstrates molecular association of non-specific lipid transfer protein (nsL-TP) with fatty acid oxidation enzymes in peroxisomes. EMBO Journal 17, pp. 7179 - 7189 (1998)

Book (1)

Bastiaens, P. I. H.; Jovin, T. M.: Fluorescence resonance energy transfer microscopy. Academic Press, New York (1998)

Book Chapter (2)

Book Chapter
Pietrasanta, L. I.; Schaper, A.; Jovin, T. M.: Imaging subcellular structures in the scanning force microscope. In: Cell Biology: A laboratory handbook. Vol. 3, pp. 355 - 360 (Ed. Celis, J. E.). Academic Press, New York (1998)
Book Chapter
Schaper, A.; Jovin, T. M.: Detergent spreading of DNA on mica using nonionic and cationic detergents. In: Procedures in scanning probe microscopies, pp. 394 - 397 (Eds. Colton, R. J.; Engel, A.; Frommer, J. E.; Gaub, H. E.; Gewirth, A. A. et al.). Wiley, London (1998)
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