Cycling to the Fassberg Campus: Potential Dangers

From the city:

(a) The Otto-Hahn-Straße is not as steep as the other routes and comparatively safe, since you can use the bike lane on the sidewalk. Be especially careful at the intersection of the Otto-Hahn-Straße with "Am Faßberg" and at the entrance to the institute.
(b) The alternative route along "Burckhardtweg" is very steep. Be cautious when going downhill as there is some loose gravel. Another hazardous spot is the street from the DPZ, right behind the second curve.
(c)When going uphill on "Am Faßberg" (marked red in the map), it's best to use the sidewalk on the left side of the road. Traffic tends to be quite fast and visibility is poor due to a bend in the road. On fall mornings there can be quite a bit of glare as well - at least in the unlikely event of sunshine.

When coming from the city there is an alternative route through the north campus of the university with very little traffic. The dangerous spot is the crossing of the B27 at the Papenberg. This intersection needs a traffic light! At the intersection of the Grisebachstraße and Am Faßberg you can turn into the sidewalk to the left which leads up to the institute. Pay attention at the intersection of the Otto- Hahn-Straße. The other option is the old street through the forest botanical garden. There are no cars and the street isn't that steep. You get to the main road slightly above the institute. Disadvantage of this option is the crossing of the street "Am Faßberg" twice.

There isn't any good route back to town. The sidewalk along the "Am Fassberg" street is very narrow. It's necessary to slow down quite a bit to avoid jeopardizing pedestrians and fellow bikers. If you stay on the street, the intersection with the Otto-Hahn-Straße is very dangerous. When continuing straight ahead, use the designated left lane, waiting until the cars have passed before switching. If you don't change lanes, drivers will assume you'll head to the right. It's important to pay attention to drivers approaching from straight ahead or from the right. If you don't think they noticed you, slow down. When continuing to the right you must cross the road to get to the bike path or to turn into Burckhardtweg, and the slope hides oncoming traffic. Going downhill through the north campus of the university with high speed poses its own risks - pedestrians, curbs, parking cars, and the occasional car, which incidentally has the right of way.

From Nikolausberg:

There is a path which ends in a stair by the bungalows behind the institute. However, the sidewalk at the main road is usually the better option - the path is mostly gravel and in bad condition.

Attention in the dark and in the winter!

When leaving the institute, there are no street lights after the bus stop. Be careful and make sure your bike has working lights front and rear.
Reaching the institute by bike is especially difficult during winter. Bikers using the road have to share the narrow cleared area with the motorized traffic. Snow and ice make cycling on the sidewalk impossible. Ice on the portion of sidewalk in the Fassberg's shadow (below the bus stop) takes some time to melt, making this route dangerous for quite a while after snowfall. The institute's janitorial service tries to keep at least a portion of the sidewalk clear, but can't always remove all the ice.

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