Check List

Check List

You obviously cannot prepare for everything you may encounter in Germany, but the following check list might help you to be better prepared.

1. For entering the country, please inform yourself about visa and entry.

2. Make sure that you have appropriate health insurance in Germany.

3. How is your stay financed? You may apply for scholarships or stipends at your home country or in Germany. The web pages of the German Exchange Service (DAAD), the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation or the EURAXESS portal offer helpful information about various funding ressources for your stay in Germany. Further, the institute offers some funding opportunities. 

4. Bring a proof of your appointment or admission to the Max Planck Institute for Multidisciplinary Sciences (i.e. letter of invitation or contract).

5. If you intend to drive here, you will need an international or foreign driving license and – if appropriate – a no-claims certificate from your car insurance company. 

6. If you want to bring your own car, you will need an international ("green") insurance card confirming third-party insurance coverage in Germany.

Generally, it is a good idea is to BRING AS MANY IMPORTANT DOCUMENTS AS POSSIBLE. This will save you lots of valuable time and mental energy. These should include:

  • Passport(s) (your passport should be valid for at least 3 months upon conclusion of your trip), also for accompanying family members
  • Visa (non-EU nationals only), also for accompanying family members
  • Letter of invitation, admission letter or pre-contract from the institute
  • Proof of health insurance in Germany (in English or German)
  • Secondary school graduation certificate(s)
  • University degree certificate(s)
  • Vaccination card and other medical records
  • International driving licence
  • Certified translations of birth certificate(s)
  • Certified translations of marriage certificate
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