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Distinctions & Prizes

Li Innovation Prize (CLEO) (Optica, 2022)

2020 M&M Post Doc Award (Microscopy Society of America)

2019 EPS-QEOD Thesis Prizes for applied aspects (European Physics Society)

Jan Peter Toennies Physik-Preis (Department of Physics, Göttingen, 2018)

Heinz-Bethge-Nachwuchspreis (Heinz-Bethge-Stiftung, 2018)

Junior Investigator Best Oral Presentation Prize at Ultrafast Phenomena 2016 Conference (Optical Society of America)

2015 EMS Outstanding Paper Award (European Microscopy Society)

Berliner-Ungewitter-Preis for excellent master’s thesis (Department of Physics, Göttingen)

Selected Publications

A. Feist, G. Huang, G. Arend, Y. Yang, J.-W. Henke, A. S. Raja, F. J. Kappert, R. N. Wang, H. Lourenço-Martins, Z. Qiu, J. Liu, O. Kfir, T. J. Kippenberg, C. Ropers, Cavity-mediated electron-photon pairsScience377, 777–780 (2022).

J.-W. Henke, A. S. Raja, A. Feist, G. Huang, G. Arend, Y. Yang, F. J. Kappert, R. N. Wang, M. Möller, J. Pan, J. Liu, O. Kfir, C. Ropers, T. J. Kippenberg, Integrated photonics enables continuous-beam electron phase modulationNature600, 653–658 (2021).

A. Feist, S. V. Yalunin, S. Schäfer, C. Ropers, High-purity free-electron momentum states prepared by three-dimensional optical phase modulationPhys. Rev. Research2, 043227 (2020).

A. Feist, N. Rubiano da Silva, W. Liang, C. Ropers, S. Schäfer, Nanoscale diffractive probing of strain dynamics in ultrafast transmission electron microscopyStructural Dynamics5, 014302 (2018).

N. Rubiano da Silva, M. Möller, A. Feist, H. Ulrichs, C. Ropers, S. Schäfer, Nanoscale mapping of ultrafast magnetization dynamics with femtosecond Lorentz microscopyPhys. Rev. X8, 031052 (2018).

A. Feist, N. Bach, N. Rubiano da Silva, T. Danz, M. Möller, K. E. Priebe, T. Domröse, J. G. Gatzmann, S. Rost, J. Schauss, S. Strauch, R. Bormann, M. Sivis, S. Schäfer, C. Ropers, Ultrafast transmission electron microscopy using a laser-driven field emitter: Femtosecond resolution with a high coherence electron beamUltramicroscopy176, 63–73 (2017).

K. E. Priebe, C. Rathje, S. V. Yalunin, T. Hohage, A. Feist, S. Schäfer, C. Ropers, Attosecond electron pulse trains and quantum state reconstruction in ultrafast transmission electron microscopyNature Photon11, 793–797 (2017).

A. Feist, K. E. Echternkamp, J. Schauss, S. V. Yalunin, S. Schäfer, C. Ropers, Quantum coherent optical phase modulation in an ultrafast transmission electron microscopeNature521, 200–203 (2015).

Curriculum vitae

Since 2022     PostDoc at Max Planck Institute for Multidisciplinary Sciences (Germany)
Since 2020     Local project coordinator H2020 FET Proactive eBEAM
Since 2018     PostDoc at the University of Göttingen (Germany)
2013 – 2018    Ph.D. within CRC 1073, University of Göttingen (Germany)
2010 – 2013    M.Sc. in Physics, University of Göttingen (Germany)
2007 – 2010    B.Sc. in Physics, Leipzig University (Germany) & University of Leeds (UK)

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