This particular setup combines multiple imaging modalities including FRAP, N-STORM, spinning disk confocal microscopy, TIRF and more


The setup is equipped with two laser boxes.

- Spinning Disk/TIRF/FRAP: 405, 458, 488, 514, 561 and 647 nm

Live imaging

- Entire microscope stand can be heated

- Carbogen and pressurized ambient air available

- CO2


- 2 Andor iXon Ultra 888 (widefield, spinning disk, TIRF)

- 1 Andor iXon Ultra 897 (nanoscopy, TIRF)

Motorized Stage

- Multi-point acquisitions possible

- Recording of overlapping 2D or 3D fields-of-view with subsequent stitching possible

Nikon "Perfect Focus"

Software implementations

- FRET and FRAP software "wizards"

- Spectral unmixing


- "JOB" routines can be used to automate almost every acquisition, as well as analysis modality

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