Leica SP8


- Including 405, 458, 488, 514, 561 and 633 nm

- White-light laser tuneable between 470-670 nm

Live imaging

- Entire microscope stand can be heated (Okolab)

- Localized sample enclosure available for more precise exposure to appropriate, humidified gas mixture (Okolab).

- Carbogen, CO2, O2, pressurized ambient air, N2, available

- Both, hypoxic or hyperoxic environments are possible.

- Mechanism for continuous water supply to water immersion objectives for long-term experiments is present

Scanning Modes

- Choice between conventional vs. 12kHz resonant scanner available.


- 2 fluorescence or reflected light hybrid detectors

- 3 fluorescence or reflected light PMTs

- 1 transmitted light PMT

Motorized Stage

- Multi-point acquisitions possible (multi-well dishes)

- Recording of overlapping 2D or 3D fields-of-view with subsequent stitching possible.

- "Stage Navigator" is available.


- Hardware autofocus available

- Software autofocus available

- Can use either or combine both autofocus strategies

- Focus maps may be generated

Acousto-optical beam splitter

Spectrally resolved emission

- Spectrally resolved emission may be obtained via "lambda-scans".

Spectrally resolved absorption

- Absorption scans using the white-light laser are possible

- Absorption/emission scans are also possible

Software implementations

- FRET and FRAP software "wizards".

- Spectral unmixing

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