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Oellerich, T.; Mohr, S.; Bohnenberger, H.; Dubey, A.; Münch, S.; Wicht, J.; Oellerich, M. F.; Perske, C.; Bug, G.; Ströbel, P. et al.; Urlaub, H.; Serve, H.: A transducer module consisting of Toll-like receptor 9 and Bruton's tyrosine kinase triggers acute myeloid leukemia blast proliferation. 105th Annual Meeting of the American-Association-for-Cancer-Research (AACR), San Diego, CA, 05. April 2014 - 09. April 2014. Cancer Research 74 (Supplement S), 4203, 19 Aufl., (2014)
Oellerich, T.; Mohr, S.; Beck, J.; Bohnenberger, H.; Doebele, C.; Corso, J.; Burg, G.; Schütz, E.; Urlaub, H.; Serve, H.: Syk and Btk transduce survival and proliferation-inducing signals by activating distinct signaling pathways and transcriptional programs in AML cells. 56th Annual Meeting of the American-Society-of-Hematology, San Francisco, CA, 06. Dezember 2014 - 09. Dezember 2014. Blood 124 (21), (2014)
Oellerich, T.; Oellerich , M. F.; Engelke, M.; Münch, S.; Mohr, S.; Nimz, M.; Hsiao, H. H.; Corso, J.; Zhang, J.; Bohnenberger, H. et al.; Berg, T.; Rieger, M. A.; Wienands, J.; Bug, G.; Brandts, C.; Urlaub, H.; Serve, H.: β2 integrin–derived signals induce cell survival and proliferation of AML blasts by activating a Syk/STAT signaling axis. 104th Annual Meeting of the American-Association-for-Cancer-Research (AACR), Washington, DC, 06. April 2013 - 10. April 2013. Cancer Research 73 (Supplement 1), 1107, (2013)
Levin, J.; Wagner, J.; Ryazanov, S.; Leonov, A.; Shi, S.; Schmidt, F.; Prix, C.; Bertsch, U.; Mitteregger-Kretzschmar, G.; Geissen, M. et al.; Hischberger, T.; Tavan, P.; Pilger, J.; Zweckstetter, M.; Frank, T.; Baehr, M.; Weishaupt, J.; Uhr, M.; Urlaub, H.; Teichmann, U.; Boetzel, K.; Groschup, M.; Kretzschmar, H. A.; Griesinger, C.; Giese, A.: Causal therapy of Parkinson's disease with anle138b, a novel protein aggregation inhibitor. 15th International Congress of Parkinsons Disease and Movement Disorders, Toronto, CANADA, 2011. Movement Disorders 26 (Supplement 2), S. S21 - S21 (2011)
Emami-Nemini, A.; Urlaub, H.; Lohse, M.; Klenk, C.: The guanine nucleotide exchange factor vav2 acts as an adaptor for parathyroid hormone receptor signaling. 77th Annual Meeting on German Society for Experimental and Clinical Pharmacology and Toxicology, Frankfurt/Germany, 30. März 2011 - 01. April 2011. Naunyn-Schmiedebergs Archives of Pharmacology 383 (Supplement 1), S. 21 - 22 (2011)
Koelling, S.; Miro, X.; Urlaub, H.; Miosge, N.: Migratory chondrogenic progenitor cells from late stages of osteoarthritis exhibit gender differences. Combined Meeting of the 17th European-Society-of-Gene-and-Cell-Therapy/16th German-Society-for-Gene-Therapy/4th German-Society-for-Stem-Cell-Research, Hannover, Germany, 21. November 2009 - 25. November 2009. Human Gene Therapy 20 (11), S. 1403 - 1403 (2009)
Hernandez, G.; Altmann, M.; Sierra, J. M.; Urlaub, H.; del Corral, R. D.; Schwartz, P.; Rivera-Pomar, R.: Functional analysis of seven genes encoding eight translation initiation factor 4E (eIF4E) isoforms in Drosophila. FEBS Journal 272 (Suppl. 1), S. 284 - 284 (2005)

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Meeting Abstract
Urlaub, H.: Photo-cross-linking and high-resolution mass spectrometry for assignement of RNA-binding sites in RNA-binding proteins. In Molecular and Cellular Proteomics, 13 (Supplement 1) 8 Aufl., S. S55 - S55. Mini Symposium and Symposium Registration Foyer, Monterey Room, Hotel Nikko, San Francisco, San Francisco, 16. August 2014 - 21. August 2014. (2014)
Meeting Abstract
Kotzerke, K.; Aung, T.; Wulf, G.; Urlaub, H.; Schoen, M. P.; Mempel, M.; Braun, A.: Immunostimulatory effects of exosomes from keratinocytes. In Journal of Investigative Dermatology, 132 (Supplement 2), S. S1 - S1. 42nd Annual Meeting of the European-Society-for-Dermatological-Research (ESDR), Venice(Italy, 07. September 2012 - 10. September 2012. (2012)
Meeting Abstract
Brakemann, T.; Stiel, A.; Weber, G.; Andresen, M.; Testa, I.; Urlaub, H.; Eggeling, C.; Wahl, M.; Hell, S.; Jakobs, S.: Dreiklang - the one, two, three in photoswitching. In Protein Science, 21 (Supplement 1), S. 164 - 164. 26th Annual Symposium of the Protein-Society, San Diego; CA, 05. August 2012 - 08. August 2012. (2012)

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Dihazi, H.; Bohrer, R.; Jahn, O.; Lenz, C.; Majcherczyk, A.; Schmidt, B.; Urlaub, H.; Valerius, O.; Asif, A. R.: Mass spectrometry imaging: Linking molecule profiles to tissue spatial distribution. Advances in Bioanalytical Mass Spectrometry: 5th Symposium of the Göttingen Proteomics Forum Mass Spectrometry with Spatial Resolution: MALDI-Imaging and Laser Capture Microscopy, Göttingen, 22. November 2012. Expert Reviews of Proteomics 10 (1), S. 17 - 20 (2013)
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