Publications of Eli Levy Karin

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Journal Article
Raghavan, V.; Eichele, G.; Larink, O.; Levy Karin, E.; Söding, J.: RNA sequencing indicates widespread conservation of circadian clocks in marine zooplankton. NAR: genomics and bioinformatics 5 (1), lqad007 (2023)
Journal Article
Zhang, R.; Mirdita, M.; Levy Karin, E.; Norroy, C.; Galiez, C.; Söding, J.: SpacePHARER: sensitive identification of phages from CRISPR spacers in prokaryotic hosts. Bioinformatics 37 (19), pp. 3364 - 3366 (2021)
Journal Article
Mirdita, M.; Steinegger, M.; Breitwieser, F.; Söding, J.; Levy Karin, E.: Fast and sensitive taxonomic assignment to metagenomic contigs. Bioinformatics 37 (18), pp. 3029 - 3031 (2021)
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