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Loontiens, F. G.; Regenfuss, P.; Zechel, A.; Dumortier, L.; Clegg, R. M.: Binding characteristics of Hoechst 33258 with calf thymus DNA, poly[d(A-T)] and d(CCGGAATTCCGG): Multiple stoichiometries and determination of tight binding with a wide spectrum of site affinities. Biochemistry 29 (38), S. 9029 - 9039 (1990)
Barrantes, F. J.; Braceras, A.; Caldironi, H. A.; Mieskes, G.; Moser, H.; Toren, E. C.; Roque, M. E.; Wallimann, T.; Zechel, A.: Isolation and characterization of acetylcholine receptor membrane-associated (nonreceptor v2-protein) and soluble electrocyte creatine kinases. Journal of Biological Chemistry (5), S. 3024 - 3034 (1985)
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