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Sontag, T. A.; Heim, C.; Kolasiewicz, W.; Horn, J.; Pardowitz, I.; Sontag, K. H.: Cerebral oligemia and iron influence in cerebral structures - element of Morbus Parkinson models? Journal of Neural Transmission-Supplement (71), S. 215 - 227 (2006)
Heim, C.; Sontag, T. A.; Kolasiewicz, W.; Ulrich, F.; Pardowitz, I.; Horn, H.-J.; Gerlach, M.; Riederer, P.; Sontag, K.-H.: Consequences of a single short lasting cerebral oligemia and the influence of iron injected into the substantia nigra or in the ventrolateral striatum of the rat. Trigger of Parkinson's disease pathogenesis? Journal of Neural Transmission 111 (6), S. 641 - 666 (2004)
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