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Dullin, C.; Zientkowska, M.; Napp, J.; Missbach-Guentner, J.; Krell, H.-W.; Müller, F.; Grabbe, E.; Tietze, L.-F.; Alves, F.: Semiautomatic landmark-based two-dimensional-three-dimensional image fusion in living mice: correlation of near-infrared fluorescence imaging of Cy5.5-labeled antibodies with flat-panel volume computed tomography. Molecular Imaging 8 (1), S. 2 - 14 (2009)
Missbach-Guentner, J.; Dullin, C.; Kimmina, S.; Zientkowska, M.; Domeyer-Missbach, M.; Malz, C.; Grabbe, E.; Stühmer, W.; Alves, F.: Morphologic changes of mammary carcinomas in mice over time as monitored by flat-panel detector volume computed tomography. Neoplasia 10 (7), S. 663 - 673 (2008)
Missbach-Güntner, J.; Dullin, C.; Zientkowska, M.; Domeyer-Missbach, M.; Kimmina, S.; Obenauer, S.; Kauer, F.; Stühmer, W.; Grabbe, E.; Vogel, W. F. et al.; Alves, F.: Flat-panel detector-based volume computed tomography: A novel 3D Imaging technique to monitor osteolytic bone lesions in a mouse tumor metastasis model. Neoplasia 9 (9), S. 755 - 765 (2007)
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