Publikationen von Naira Movsisyan

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Wildung, M.; Herr, C.; Riedel, D.; Wiedwald, C.; Moiseenko, A.; Ramirez, F.; Tasena, H.; Heimerl, M.; Alevra, M.; Movsisyan, N. et al.; Schuldt, M.; Volceanov-Hahn, L.; Provoost, S.; Noethe-Menchen, T.; Urrego, D.; Freytag, B.; Wallmeier, J.; Beisswenger, C.; Bals, R.; van den Berge, M.; Timens, W.; Hiemstra, P. S.; Brandsma, C.-A.; Maes, T.; Andreas, S.; Heijink, I. H.; Pardo, L. A.; Lize, M.: miR449 Protects Airway Regeneration by Controlling AURKA/HDAC6-Mediated Ciliary Disassembly. International Journal of Molecular Sciences 23 (14), 7749 (2022)
Ghazaryan, N.; Movsisyan, N.; Macedo, J. C.; Vaz, S.; Ayvazyan, N.; Pardo, L.; Logarinho, E.: The antitumor efficacy of monomeric disintegrin obtustatin in S-180 sarcoma mouse model. Investigational new drugs, 10.1007/s1037-019-00734-2 (2019)
Urrego, D.; Movsisyan, N.; Ufartes, R.; Pardo, L. A.: Periodic expression of Kv10.1 driven by pRb/E2F1 contributes to G2/M progression of cancer and non-transformed cells. Cell Cycle 15 (6), S. 799 - 811 (2016)
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