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Journal Article
Winkler, D.; Daher, F.; Wüstefeld, L.; Hammerschmidt, K.; Poggi, G.; Seelbach, A.; Krueger-Burg, D.; Vafadari, B.; Ronnenberg, A.; Liu, Y. et al.; Kaczmarek, L.; Schlüter, O. M.; Ehrenreich, H.; Dere, E.: Hypersocial behavior and biological redundancy in mice with reduced expression of PSD95 or PSD93. Behavioural Brain Research 352, pp. 35 - 45 (2018)
Journal Article
Bonnas, C.; Wüstefeld, L.; Winkler, D.; Kronstein-Wiedemann, R.; Dere, E.; Specht, K.; Boxberg, M.; Tonn, T.; Ehrenreich, H.; Stadler, H. et al.; Sillaber, I.: EV-3, an endogenous human erythropoietin isoform with distinct functional relevance. Scientific Reports 7, 3684 (2017)
Journal Article
Hassouna, I.; Ott, C.; Wüstefeld, L.; Offen, N.; Neher, R. A.; Mitkovski, M.; Winkler, D.; Sperling, S.; Fries, L.; Goebbels, S. et al.; Vreja, I. C.; Hagemeyer, N.; Dittrich, M.; Rossetti, M. F.; Kröhnert, K.; Hannke, K.; Boretius, S.; Zeug, A.; Höschen, C.; Dandekar, T.; Dere, E.; Neher, E.; Rizzoli, S. O.; Nave, K.-A.; Sirén, A.-L.; Ehrenreich, H.: Revisiting adult neurogenesis and the role of erythropoietin for neuronal and oligodendroglial differentiation in the hippocampus. Molecular Psychiatry 21 (12), pp. 1752 - 1767 (2016)
Journal Article
Krueger-Burg, D.; Winkler, D.; Mitkovski, M.; Daher, F.; Ronnenberg, A.; Schlüter, O. M.; Dere, E.; Ehrenreich, H.: The SocioBox: a novel paradigm to assess complex social recognition in male mice. Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience 10, 151 (2016)
Journal Article
Wüstefeld, L.; Winkler, D.; Janc, O. A.; Hassouna, I.; Ronnenberg, A.; Ostmeier, K.; Müller, M.; Brose, N.; Ehrenreich, H.; Wojcik, S. M.: Selective expression of a constitutively active erythropoietin receptor in GABAergic neurons alters hippocampal network properties without affecting cognition. Journal of Neurochemistry 136 (4), pp. 698 - 705 (2015)
Journal Article
Netrakanti, P. R.; Cooper, B. H.; Dere, E.; Poggi, G.; Winkler, D.; Brose, N.; Ehrenreich, H.: Fast cerebellar reflex circuitry requires synaptic vesicle priming by Munc13-3. Cerebellum 14, pp. 264 - 283 (2015)
Journal Article
Dere, E.; Winkler, D.; Ritter, C.; Ronnenberg, A.; Poggi, G.; Patzig, J.; Gernert, M.; Müller, C.; Nave, K.-A.; Ehrenreich, H. et al.; Werner, H. B.: Gpm6b deficiency impairs sensorimotor gating and modulates the behavioral response to a 5-HT2A/C receptor agonist. Behavioural Brain Research 277, pp. 254 - 263 (2015)
Journal Article
Tantra, M.; Kröcher, T.; Papiol, S.; Winkler, D.; Röckle, I.; Jatho, J.; Burkhardt, H.; Ronnenberg, A.; Gerardy-Schahn, R.; Ehrenreich, H. et al.; Hildebrandt, H.: St8sia2 deficiency plus juvenile cannabis exposure in mice synergistically affect higher cognition in adulthood. Behavioural Brain Research 275, pp. 166 - 175 (2014)
Journal Article
El-Kordi, A.; Winkler, D.; Hammerschmidt, K.; Kästner, A.; Krueger, D.; Ronnenberg, A.; Ritter, C.; Jatho, J.; Radyushkin, K.; Bourgeron, T. et al.; Fischer, J.; Brose, N.; Ehrenreich, H.: Development of an autism severity score for mice using Nlgn4 null mutants as a construct-valid model of heritable monogenic autism. Behavioural Brain Research 251, pp. 41 - 49 (2013)

Thesis - PhD (1)

Thesis - PhD
Winkler, D.: Mouse models of neuropsychiatric phenotypes. Dissertation, Georg-August-Universität, Göttingen (2014)
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