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Lenzer, T.; Bürsing, R.; Dittmer, A.; Panja, S. S.; Wild, D. A.; Oum, K.: Rotational and vibrational cooling in pulsed high-pressure molecular beam expansions from 3 bar into the supercritical regime. The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 114 (22), pp. 6377 - 6383 (2010)
Journal Article
Stalke, S.; Wild, D. A.; Lenzer, T.; Kopczynski, M.; Lohse, P. W.; Oum, K.: Solvent-dependent ultrafast internal conversion dynamics of n-apo--carotenoic-n-acids (n = 8, 10, 12). Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 10 (16), pp. 2180 - 2188 (2008)
Journal Article
Ehlers, F.; Wild, D. A.; Lenzer, T.; Oum, K.: Investigation of the S1/ICT S0 internal conversion lifetime of 4'-apo--caroten-4'-al and 8'-apo--caroten-8'-al: Dependence on conjugation length and solvent polarity. Journal of Physical Chemistry A 111 (12), pp. 2257 - 2265 (2007)
Journal Article
Wild, D.; Lenzer, T.: Structures, energetics, and infrared spectra of the Cl--(H2S)(n) and Br--(H2S)(n) anion clusters from ab initio calculations. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 9 (43), pp. 5776 - 5784 (2007)
Journal Article
Wild, D. A.; Winkler, K.; Stalke, S.; Oum, K.; Lenzer, T.: Extremely strong solvent dependence of the S1->S0 internal conversion lifetime of 12'-apo-β-caroten-12'-al. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 8 (21), pp. 2499 - 2505 (2006)
Journal Article
Wild, D. A.; Lenzer, T.: Structures and infrared spectra of fluoride-hydrogen sulfide clusters from ab initio calculations: F--(H2S)(n), n=1-5. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 7 (22), pp. 3793 - 3804 (2005)
Journal Article
Wild, D. A.; Bieske, E. J.: Infrared spectrum of the I--D-2 anion complex. Journal of Chemical Physics 121 (24), pp. 12276 - 12281 (2004)
Journal Article
Wild, D. A.; Lenzer, T.: Ab initio study of the fluoride-ammonia clusters: F--(NH3)(n), n=1-3. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 6 (22), pp. 5122 - 5132 (2004)
Journal Article
Oum, K.; Harrison, J. J.; Lee, C.; Wild, D. A.; Luther, K.; Lenzer, T.: On-line and in situ optical detection of particles of organic molecules formed by rapid expansion of supercritical solutions (RESS) of CO2. Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 5 (24), pp. 5467 - 5471 (2003)
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