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Galievsky, V. A.; Druzhinin, S. I.; Demeter, A.; Jiang, Y. B.; Kovalenko, S. A.; Lustres, L. P.; Venugopal, K.; Ernsting, N. P.; Allonas, X.; Noltemeyer, M. et al.; Machinek, R.; Zachariasse, K. A.: Ultrafast intramolecular charge transfer and internal conversion with tetrafluoro-aminobenzonitriles. ChemPhysChem 6 (11), pp. 2307 - 2323 (2005)
Journal Article
Zhang, H.; Han, L. F.; Zachariasse, K. A.; Jiang, Y. B.: 8-Hydroxyquinoline benzoates as highly sensitive fluorescent chemosensors for transition metal ions. Organic Letters 7 (19), pp. 4217 - 4220 (2005)
Journal Article
Druzhinin, S. I.; Jiang, Y. B.; Demeter, A.; Zachariasse, K. A.: Internal conversion with 4-(Azetidinyl)benzonitriles in alkane solvents. Influence of fluoro substitution. Physical Chemistry - Chemical Physics 3, pp. 5213 - 5221 (2001)
Journal Article
von der Haar, T.; Hebecker, A.; Ilichev, Y. V.; Jiang, Y. B.; Kuehnle, W.; Zachariasse, K. A.: Excited-state intramolecular charge transfer in donor acceptor-substituted aromatic hydrocarbons and in biaryls. The significance of the redox potentials of the D/A subsystems. Recueil des Travaux Chimiques des Pays-Bas-Journal of the Royal Netherlands Chemical Society 114 (11-12), p. 430 (1995)
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