Publikationen von V. T. Lieu

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Hacke, S.; Moebius, D.; Lieu, V. T.: Influence of active sites organisation on calcium carbonate formation at model biomolecular interfaces. Applied Surface Science 246 (4), S. 362 - 366 (2005)
Sergeeva, T. I.; Gromov, S. P.; Vedernikov, A. I.; Kapichnikova, M. S.; Alfimov, M. V.; Lieu, V. T.; Moebius, D.; Tsarkova, M. S.; Zaitsev, S. Y.: Influence of the counter-anion on the interaction of cations with the benzodithia-18-crown-6 butadienyl dye in monolayers. Colloids and Surfaces A-Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 255 (1-3), S. 201 - 209 (2005)
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