More than a biotope

More than a biotope

The project BioDiversum is not just a compilation of ecological measures to increase biodiversity. It also has a scientific and educational dimension. 

For us as a research institute, it goes without saying that we want to accompany the BioDiversum scientifically: The development of biodiversity and thus the project’s success must be measurable in the long term. Only then we can assess which of our measures were good and appropriate and where we need to change something.

But in order to know whether the planned measures will increase biodiversity, we first have to find out what is already there. To this end, we recruited renowned experts from the region to record plant species and representative groups of animals and to receive valuable input for the biotope’s design. The experts were out and about on the institute's premises in spring and summer 2019: Gerd Brunken recorded butterflies and grasshoppers, Thomas Fechtler wild bees, Michael Corsmann birds, and Jürgen Rommelmann bats. The vegetation was recorded by Wette + Küneke. We have summarized the results of the survey here.

The biotope will also have an educational dimension: It is planned to involve the institute’s kindergarten Entdeckerland am Faßberg and thus introduce the children to the topics of nature and biodiversity. Furthermore, a cooperation with Göttingen schools is being considered, for instance within the scope of project weeks or term papers.

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