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Pierron, M.; Kalbfuss, N.; Borrego-Pinto, J.; Lenart, P.; Gönczyp, P.: Centriole foci persist in starfish oocytes despite Plk1 inactivation or loss of microtubule nucleation activity. Molecular Biology of the Cell 31 (9), pp. 873 - 880 (2020)
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Wesolowska, N.; Avilov, I.; Machado, P.; Geiss, C.; Kondo, H.; Mori, M.; Lenart, P.: Actin assembly ruptures the nuclear envelope by prying the lamina away from nuclear pores and nuclear membranes in starfish oocytes. eLife 9, e49774 (2020)
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Szikora, S.; Gajdos, T.; Novák, T.; Farkas, D.; Földi, I.; Lenart, P.; Erdélyi, M.; Mihály, J.: Nanoscopy reveals the layered organization of the sarcomeric H-zone and I-band complexes. Journal of Cell Biology 219 (1), e201907026 (2020)
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