Lola Lang

Position: Intern

Hometown: Pocatello, Idaho, USA

Freetime interests: hiking, swimming, traveling 


I am currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Biochemistry at Western Washington University, WA, USA. In the Fall of 2021, during my second year, I joined Dr. Suzanne Lee's research group to study an RNA interference pathway in Tetrahymena thermophila and its impact on genome integrity. This research heightened my fascination with the molecular world and the intricate mechanisms that sustain life. I want to figure out the mysteries surrounding such mechanisms and learn more protein biochemistry techniques, which lead me to the Lorenz group and their work on ubiquitin. I am excited and fortunate enough to work as an intern with the Lorenz group in Göttingen during the summer of 2023, looking into posttranslational regulation mechanisms in ubiquitin-conjugating enzymes

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