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Khan, A.; Ramos Gomes, F.; Markus, M. A.; Mietsch, M.; Hinkel, R.; Alves, F.: Label-free imaging of age-related cardiac structural changes in non-human primates using multiphoton nonlinear microscopy. Biomedical Optics Express (2021)
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Albers, J.; Svetlove, A.; Alves, J.; Kraupner, A.; di Lillo, F.; Markus, A.; Tromba, G.; Alves, F.; Dullin, C.: Elastic transformation of histological slices allows precise co-registration with microCT data sets for a refined virtual histology approach. Scientific Reports 11, 10846 (2021)
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Dullin, C.; di Lillo, F.; Svetlove, A.; Albers, J.; Wagner, W.; Markus, A.; Sodini, N.; Dreossi, D.; Alves, F.; Tromba, G.: Multiscale biomedical imaging at the SYRMEP beamline of Elettra - Closing the gap between preclinical research and patient applications. Physics Open 6, 100050, p. 100050 (2021)
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Khan, A.; Markus, A.; Rittmann, T.; Albers, J.; Alves, F.; Hülsmann, S.; Dullin, C.: Simple low dose radiography allows precise lung volume assessment in mice. Scientific Reports 11, 4163 (2021)
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